Sam is Owner-Director of Enhance Facilitation Limited – and was the founding Chair of the New Zealand Coaching Psychology Special Interest Group as well as an Honorary Vice President of the International Society for Coaching Psychology.  His expertise focuses on coaching leaders and teams operating in high emotional impact contexts where limited time and information, and high risk, are key features of decision making.  His key areas of specialism – leadership coaching; psychosocial support; professional supervision – are driven by the values of developing quality relationships, experiencing meaningful work and achieving inner harmony.

Areas of Specialism

Sam believes strongly in leadership being a team responsibility, where high performance is gained from developing quality relationships leading to productive and meaningful work.  He has extensive experience in coaching individuals and teams working within complex and diverse environments.  Current clients include those from large NGOs, IT companies and the State sector.  Sam also facilitates Action Learning Groups for Chief Executives of large Non-Government Organisations based in Auckland. In addition, he writes articles and presents seminars on his practice areas.

Sam utilises strength-based approaches to professionals needing Psychosocial support. Having traveled and worked in a variety of challenging and high risk environments, he is familiar with the resilience required to engage with change and adversity, particularly in the humanitarian context. He also worked with a number of organisations and individuals following the Christchurch earthquakes. In addition to providing in-field and remote support for Medecins Sans Frontieres in a variety of locations around the world, Sam works with individuals experiencing work-related stress in New Zealand.

Specialising in coaching psychology, Sam provides Supervision to coaches and other professionals. He utilises the 7-Eyed Model (Hawkins & Shohet) to frame the focus of his supervision on the core functions of Development, Accountability and Support.

Integrating Acceptance and Commitment Training and other strength-based perspectives, Sam sustains a systemic and systematic approach with all of his clients.  Recognising the significant and ethical responsibilities of a psychologist, he is transparent, collaborative, confidential and clear with his clients – as well as being non-judgemental and good-humoured.


Rates vary according to the nature of the service required, and normally range between $220-300 (+GST).

Making an Appointment

Sam looks forward to receiving your call or email.