I am a senior clinical psychologist who has been working within women’s and general mental health for 27 years and working with the impact of workplace bullying for 12 years. I am increasingly identifying how workplace politics impacts on busy women’s and men’s lives and wellbeing and explore pathways to better negotiate the workplace. In private practice, I have worked with a broad range of mental health conditions. As a senior consulting psychologist I enjoy supervising emerging psychologists, health specialists and consultants and managers across both business, NGO’s and health settings.

Summary of people I work with:

  1. Individuals, Adults and Adolescents
  2. Couples
  3. Families

Summary of areas I specialize in:

Women’s Health

  1. Exaggerated PMS and Menopause symptoms
  2. Sexuality including sexual pain and loss or decrease in desire
  3. Adjustment to complex gynaecological conditions
  4. Adjustment to a cancer diagnosis
  5. Complex pelvic pain

For 25 years I have specialised in Women’s Health exploring effective pathways for women to regain balance and wellbeing both within and outside of intimate relationships. I work with women who have experienced significant distress through losing sexual desire or experiencing pain within intimate relationships as well as working with women who have exaggerated premenstrual tension and menopause symptoms. These symptoms are often also associated with anger, anxiety, changes in mood, tired and sleep disturbances. I work with women adjusting to complex gynaecological conditions including diagnosis, treatment and recovery for cancer.   I have completed a PhD in the area of young women and wellbeing and intimate relationships and treatment.

General Mental Health and Relationships

  1. Depression and anxiety
  2. Managing toxic workplaces, stress and bullying
  3. Relationship and parenting concerns


  1. Young women’s health and relationships
  2. Health adjustment to a diagnosis of Diverse Sexual and Reproductive Development
  3. Sexual and physical safety within intimate relationships.
  4. Pathways that enabled young women to resist specific gender practices that decreased their well being
  5. Pathways that promote well-being both within and outside of being a girlfriend.

Alcohol & Addictions

I updated my alcohol and drug abuse knowledge in 2010 with a 3 month sabbatical in a specialist unit.

Bullying in the Workplace

I have specialized in working with targets of workplace bullying for 15 years and am employed by professional advocates to write reports on the impact of bullying on the individual for the Employment Relations Authority and mediation.

Safety, Abuse in families

I have 27 years’ experience of looking at friendship, relationship and family violence and specialize in assisting those struggling with past and present safety issues that are preventing them achieve better wellbeing.

Couples Work

I am an experienced couple therapist and work with couples who are in physically and reasonably emotionally safe relationships.   I work with male partners, husbands and children. All new clients are screened for safety within their family, relationships, friendships and work contexts.


Postgraduate Clinical Psychology Diploma, Auckland University in 1992

PhD, Massey University in 2010.

Ongoing interests: I have completed EMDR a specific technique for working with trauma and have completed three supervisory courses over the 15 years I have been supervising at the University of Auckland and Auckland District Health Board private contractors.

Registration & associations

I am a registered and endorsed clinical psychologist with both the Australian and New Zealand Psychology boards and belong to the New Psychological Society. I have regular supervision with a consulting psychologist.


I charge $200 (exclusive of GST) per session (60 minutes) and $240 (exclusive of GST) for couple and family sessions. I request clients to complete bank transfers on the day of the appointment. I require 48 hours notice of cancellation, otherwise, it is an $80 cancellation fee to cover practice costs and if canceled with 24 hours I charge for the full session $200 (exclusive GST). Currently, I am available for two private practice clinic days and have not reached the GST threshold. I will notify clients if this changes and I need to add GST to my fees.

Making an appointment